We’ve made it easy for you to shop our collection of gifts for bartenders and mixologists. Luckily, we have you covered if you’re shopping for a professional bartender or talented home bar enthusiast but have no idea where to start! Above all, you’ll make them happy with our selection of barware and may even get a craft cocktail for your generosity!

Tips To Consider When Using The Gifts For Bartenders Guide

There are a few things you should know before buying a gift for the bartender in your life. First, you should know if he or she prefers shaken or stirred cocktails. For example, would he or she rather create an old-fashioned cocktail, which requires a mixing glass and a bar spoon? Or, would he or she rather create a cosmopolitan cocktail, which requires a cocktail shaker and strainer? Knowing this information will help you focus on the specific bar accessories they may like.

Second, you should try to figure out what variety of liquor he or she likes, which will help you determine what kind of cocktail glasses to give them. For example, if she prefers bourbon drinks, then you can focus on whiskey glasses, rocks glasses and mint julep cups. Likewise, if he likes gin-based cocktails, then you should focus on coupe glasses and martini glasses. Finally, you should know that you cannot go wrong with giving them a set of large ice cube molds or spherical ice molds for cocktails. Cheers!