The Bar Cartisan™ Collection


A Bar Cartisan is an independent artist or a group of artists that produces high quality, handmade or unique items. The Bar Cartisan can be from anywhere in the world and can make any items that align with our products offerings.


We at The Bar Cartist believe that products sold on our site should have a story to tell and support the artisan community, which is why we created our Bar Cartisan™ Collection. We value the love and care each of our artists put into their craft and want to help bring their passion and art to an even larger audience. So, the next time you have friends over for a cocktail party, pull out your Bar Cartisan items and entertain them with the story of the artisans who handcrafted your beautiful collection!


We feature our Bar Cartisans by sharing their personal stories and fun information with you while giving you an exclusive behind the scenes look into their craft! You can learn more about them by clicking their image links below!

Meet Our Bar Cartisans


Andrew Iannazzi


W&P Design


Lily & Val


Khristian Howell

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