Give your host or hostess a gift that will guarantee you are invited back next year! The holidays are full of celebrations and, if you’ve been nice this year, you are sure to be invited by the “hostess with the mostest.” Above all, shop our curated selection for the perfect hostess gift and do not show up empty-handed!

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Tips To Consider When Using the Host & Hostess Gift Guide

The main thing you should know when shopping for a hostess gift is that many of the best hosts already have the standard entertaining accessories, such as glassware and coasters. Therefore, you want to make sure you give them a unique gift that they are unlikely to have already. First, you’re already heading in the right direction since you’re reading this hostess gift guide. Second, we understand the challenges of shopping for hosts, which is why we stock a curated selection of one of a kind gifts, such as our Bar Cartisan handmade, colorful coasters. In addition, one of the best choices you can make is to bring your host one of our pineapple tumblers. After all, a pineapple is a sign of hospitality!