Our Story

Fueled by the modern Cocktail Renaissance, The Bar Cartist was born from an affinity for craft cocktails and a desire for chic at-home entertaining.

During our post-college years, we found ourselves bar-hopping to the same old bars serving the same old cheap liquor. There was, in our mind, a distinct lack of flare (and they certainly had no clue about a proper Old-Fashioned). Our tastes pulled us towards establishments with a little more pride in their pour. With the entire country experiencing a true booze renaissance, we went happily along for the ride seeking out the best hand-crafted concoction wherever we went.

Soon, our friends followed suit and quickly became craft cocktail enthusiasts themselves. Unfortunately, it’s no secret that a night out for craft drinks can leave your bank account with quite a hangover. Soon we were Googling and crafting right at home. We found that many of our favorite craft bartenders were more than willing to give pointers and recipe suggestions. It wasn’t long before “pre-gaming” on a Friday night meant breaking out upwards of ten ingredients to make our favorites, The Old Fashioned and The Juliet and Romeo right from our own kitchen.

As we set out on our journey to learn how to make the best cocktails at home, we knew we had to have a well-stocked and stylish bar cart reminiscent of classic Hollywood during the 1950’s and 1960’s. We again Googled our way through all the internet had to offer only to find basic cocktail accessories that lacked the flare and sophistication we felt our cocktails deserved (and hey, we like to feel fancy, don’t you?). We also discovered, to our surprise, that there were no stores that stocked all of the barware accessories that we were looking for all in one place. Fun and function are what we felt we needed.

This was our “Aha!” moment! Motivated by our love for craft cocktails, design and entertaining, our entrepreneurial spirit (the other kind of Spirit) led us to create The Bar Cartist. We at The Bart Cartist hope to empower Barcartists everywhere to craft and pour your way to a more enjoyable cocktail experience, one that you create right at home.

Thank you so much for supporting us as we grow The Bar Cartist!